The Fade
There are endings and there are beginnings. Throughout the Universe there has been one constant as time inexorably moves towards the end. That there was an end and there was a beginning. However, something has fundamentally changed that every time-sensitive being throughout history could feel. A shiver that rang up and down their very fibre of being…

Something is wrong in the Universe throughout Time and Space.

The Time Lords are gone. Only one still exists, if he still survives. The Doctor has disappeared into time and no one has seen or heard from him in some time.

Scene 1: What is the Fade?
An old man, with long fingernails and white hair, dirty white clothes and the eyes of a madman leans against an ancient staff of oak. He wails at the end of the Universe, spouting about a chaos bred from entropy. He speaks about a breech in time and space. He cries that something is eating “moments” which causes history itself to unravel. He whimpers that it is coming for him soon, the only man to have survived as a witness to the last timeline disintegrating before his eyes.

His eyes grow suddenly sane, as he looks at you. “It is coming for you. You must run! You must hide! You must go to the un-assailable fortress. The un-enterable castle. The prison with no walls. Only then can you escape from the Fade!"

Scene 2: Enter: The Demon Host
After your encounter with the Old Man you are shaken up. Something he said makes you feel like it may be the end of everything. That is when you are attacked by the Shades of the Fade. It is a demon that you cannot see, but is there. Legend says it is a shadow of fear, and wisp of motion, a movement out of the corner of your eye. It will drain you of your very essence if it touches you. It makes you feel as if something or someone has just walked over your grave. How do you defeat a shiver?

Scene 3: The Journey Begins
Now you all set about to discover a clue as to where to begin. The search begins…

Fade Away